We really like the black bolt boxes. We had the blue ones first. We have had them for 30 years or longer.

Greg- Colorado

Our young kids are using their new boxes to store legos (our son colored the labels so he would know the color of legos inside). Our girl put her Barbie accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc) so now mom doesn’t step on them and break them.


These boxes are great. We have used these bins for years and really like them. Would highly recommend them. They are just ideal!


I have a number of these black boxes and have bought them for my sons and now my grandsons. I have both the empties and the bolt kits! No more digging in a can for the right part nor running to town. I would recommend them.

Robert– Iowa.

My basement was a disaster in my small shop. Got a few of these, now bolts, nuts, batteries, nails and other “stuff” is neatly stored. They are ideal.

Carol– Iowa

I have been buying the 140 cleaner for many years now. I buy 2-3 cases of it a year. My husband uses it to clean the equipment windows and it is the only cleaner I use in the house. I have found nothing else like it. I highly recommend it.


I have been looking for these boxes for a long time. My grandfather had them and I wanted to add to them. Thank-you for having a website that I could find them. The 56 I ordered complete my space. They are the Best!


We have some of these and they have lasted several years. They nice thing we like is the drawers slide out so you can take them to a project away from the shop. They close good and keep the contents clean. Ours have dividers so each one can be divided into three smaller compartments if you need to organize small stuff.

Glen- Colorado